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Book Review: Words of Smiths

by on June 3, 2013
Word Of Smith_FinalCoverAuthor: Various
Language: English
Pages: 122
Price: Rs.200
Publisher: All About Books Global
ISBN Number: 9788192569017

The buzz of the tinsel town dies out…as the night shreds out her coyness and meets the flamboyant sun. Movies these days are either posing as a challenge to viewership- or gagging them with fits of laughter. Thus, I took some time off from the trips to the theatre and picked up a book of poems that seemed to attract the interest of the poetry patrons a few months back. This is not the first time an organization held a contest for budding poets and brought a book out which includes the best entries. But the extent reached by the WizKonect team  with their book “Words of Smiths” published by All about Books Global was commendable.

Few entries made me wonder why pick up the pen at all and waste my time. Not only were they naïve, lacked poetic sense and grandeur, they were flawed to the core. But still these could be overlooked and shelved for there were many more- which could be passed on as a good read to begin with. Like for example Dowry by Saloni Khurana and Snaking Tubes by Isha Panwar- make a poignant statement. The later poem has thought provoking lines perhaps hailing some of the expressions developed during the post modern era-

“The mind demons play inside out
Jump beneath the metal bed
And the floppy pillow on top”.

A link with the roots gets well developed in simple poem called A Village by Ragasudha. The pagan and angelic existence much forgotten in today’s concrete humdrum rejuvenates the readers mind in no time-

A white sail floats ‘pon rolling waves,

A seagull tickles the great sea,

A pregnant wave yawns and roars,

Lest be known to me.


Under the crescent moonlight,

Beneath a sea of stars,

Twinkling in a benign light-

Cast a spell upon one’s glee,

A place-

Lest be known to me


The Mute by Vijaya Pawar drags us away from our sense of superior species ruling the earth to the animals on whom we happily reign and kill for satisfying our needs. The sound of brave address to demonic practices echoes through the lines-

And as ‘blood’ soaked they lay,
‘Muted’ for ever…..
Ruthless ‘souls’ danced,
Gleefully over!
Oh! What a shameless cacophony,
Not a ‘soul’…….to share their agony?

There are a handful of more that could share space in this review- making Words of Smiths- a onetime read and a good book to practice recital skills, to say for the time being.

About the book:

WizKonect introduces “Wordsmith” – a national level poetry contest. First in its own kind, “Wordsmith” works towards bringing Indian poems and poets into limelight. The book “word of smiths” comprises of the best entries of this contest. In the dictionary, the most beautiful word, asides from God and love, is poetry. Poetry is beauty and beauty is endless, therefore, poetry is endlessly beautiful. Magical integration of words which pass on great feelings to the readers. Poetry in India has been emerging and has recently produced some fine performers. Its new and yes, it brings a new light with it. The words that flow out of heart, put down on a piece of paper, bring to you the pensive mood of a pondering mind. India is a land blessed with culture, spirit, literature, knowledge and a lot more.


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